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selfie Mikael Myyrä, perhaps more often known by his online alias MoleTrooper, is a professional programmer, university student majoring in computer science, and general nerdlord from Jyväskylä, Finland. He has unreasonably high ambitions in all areas of his life, especially his hobbies. These include but are not limited to game development, graphic art, disc golf, and going very fast in video games. Having finished his bachelor’s degree he is currently taking a year off studying, working as a software developer at the University of Jyväskylä Digital Services, and writing about himself in third person in an attempt to sound just pretentious enough to seem competent but not so much as to be offputting.

avatar When it comes to games and code, Mole’s passions lie in geometry and movement. His pet project and the primary subject of his blog is MoleEngine, a general-purpose 2D game engine with a focus on physics and ease of use. He has strong opinions on game design and considers himself an expert on platformers.

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Latest blog post

  • Building a Game Engine, Part 0: Introduction

    MoleEngine is an ambitious hobby project, still early on in development, aiming to create a general-purpose 2D game engine suitable for rapid prototyping and game jams as well as more polished, hopefully commercial-quality products. This blog is meant to document the development and ideas behind it in a fair bit of detail - mostly to organize and revise my own thoughts, but with the hope that someone else might also find it interesting and/or helpful. In this first post I will outline what exactly I am trying to accomplish and why I am doing it.